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Cineon Forum Index Discussions / Questions I am buying the scanner :)
Author I am buying the scanner :)

Joined: Jan 12, 2009
Posts: 5
Posted: 2009-01-21 08:03   
I ahve questions about a scanner that I met with recently and very soon will be my day to day scanner.

It is quite a hybrid I think, it is the big white brick with oxberry shuttle, shneider optics and with purple indigo running 5.0.1 software.

I have scanned some frames and dropped them onto my web page:

jpg files with the best quality jpg can handle are here: http://gallery.me.com/pawel.saladziak#100017
plus source files here: http://idisk.mac.com/pawel.saladziak-Public?view=web

So these are the issues I came along with my scanner and cannot get answers on that by mysfelf. Maby someone could help me with that:

1. Sharpness of scanned frame.
I have scanned some frames (full aperture 4K) and came to the point (of course after stock calibration and focusing procedure) where I can see film grain but objects are not sharp (there is a chance that the shot was not focused properly but I have no way to find it out right now). Question: is there any chance for getting not sharp scanned picture if I recognize stock's grain? (Hope not
There is also one frame from another take that looks sharp, so maybe its just an unsharp shot.

2. MacBeth test.
I did it once - and had no time for doing this again, but at first time I got a table listing huge amount of the color values that were out of standard range.
Manual claims I should call technical support if any of the color values are with * (that means its out of range). Any ideas what to do with this now?

Scans looks quite good, I watched them with custom lut (the one that goes for image viewer) on the indigo machine that works with scanner and color is very like the one I got from spirit transfer. So my second question in this thread - should I be really worried with this * marked rgb values?

3. Steadiness test.
I cannot make this test since the 200 frame strip used for this test is missing, do you have any idea how or where I can get it?
Instead of this I scanned the 5 frames from magnification test strip and while put one on another in photoshop I can tell that they are steady, is it enough?

4. Proper framing.
When I scan full aperture 4K frames the whole frame is scanned like offset a millimeter or so (easy to see on my webpage). When I scan other apertures (academy, etc...) framing removes that. Is it something that has anything to do with the steadiness?

I found in servicing menu (a command line tool for service employees) that there is a procedure of positioning of the camera, but no explanation on that in the manual. Could this be the option for getting the proper framing back?

5. Color banding vs MacBeth test.
In first scans i had a very unpleasant vertical color banding. After this I made a Streak Test with ND 1. filter in the gate, it showed there is a lot of dust on the integrator glass. I cleaned glass a bit and and almost all of the banding disappeared. The MacBeth test I mentioned above was made before this cleaning procedure - is there a chance that the bad values came from dirty integrator glass?

6. 16mm kit.
I have almost whole film gear in 16mm format, and no 16mm option for my scanner
Do you know any way of getting such a kit? Since now almost every telecine goes with better resolution for 16mm works than a slow scanner, maybe you know a place/company with such a kit unused, wanting to donate it or sell cheaply?

7. Spare parts.
I have spare integrator glass and transport sprockets and lamps, do I have to look for anything else?

9. Counters.
Scanner counter shows:
shuttle actuations: 9 683 387
4 perf frames: 1 413 143
8 perf frames: 19 267
AC timer: 47507:35:40
Lamp: 9417:55:00

That gives about 90000 foot of film. Is it a lot? How long it will work more?
I think these are all my problems now. Sorry for any mistakes in my poor english.

Please could anyone just help me with that stuff?

best regards

ps. And my life was so simple until I fall into idea of having this scanner

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