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Cineon Forum Index Discussions / Questions My scanner is working!
Author My scanner is working!

Joined: Jan 12, 2009
Posts: 5
Posted: 2009-02-14 14:55   
Hi. I was able to get my scanner working. Now I would like to reinstall software on my indigo2. Is there anyone there who can help me with getting original software discs for Cineon Genesis 5.0.1 software? Kodak gives no responce at all.

best regards

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Joined: Jul 23, 2002
Posts: 22
Posted: 2009-04-29 09:45   
You'll get no response because as far as Kodak is concerned that is a long dead product. I don't know who would still have the 5.0.1 discs laying around. Actually, I know someone who might still have a copy of those around. Send me an email and I'll forward on his address.

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Joined: Jan 12, 2009
Posts: 5
Posted: 2009-05-07 06:23   
Ok, so I have managed to get, reinstall and run successfully the white brick scanner that appeared to be a fully upgraded genesis plus with turbo options and latest prom

I also went up with cineon tornado fx system on my onyx2 that works very nice on irix 6.5.28. The only thing i had to do was to bring back original version of fm application in irix because cineon instalation replaced it with old version but kept the newer with name changed to fm.OLD.

I cannot belive that this is so nice system. The application is well designed and workflow seems to be well organised. It has even it's own filesystem based on the filmroll units insted of folders.

I am building a high speed array now to try how it works with fiber channel voulmes via xvm or xlv.

If anyone need help with cineon - just mail me.

I have to mention here Maurice from DUART in NY that helped me a lot!!! Still cannot belive he really did that, without his help I would be stucked forever.

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